Credit Reports

Credit Information Systems provides merged credit reports which allow access to one, two or all three credit repositories in an easy to read format.


CreditXpert products help you uncover new opportunities and make more informed lending decisions. A better way to manage applications and build relationships. It enables you to adopt a consultative approach and truly serve as a trusted advisor


The Rescore process allows Credit Information Systems to update consumer credit information with the three national repositories typically within 2 to 3 days.

Undisclosed Debt Monitoring

UDM reduces repurchase risk, supports Fannie Mae’s Loan Quality Initiative and helps keep closings on track. UDM monitors the borrower’s credit activity from the original credit file pull all the way to closing.


EZQual Prequalifies Borrowers, No Disclosures EZQual is the newest Consumer Credit solution creating an easy consumer prequalification tool on your website. It helps you prequalify more consumers with a soft credit inquiry and no need for Disclosures! EZQual only requires name and address, allowing consumers to move quickly through the loan process. EZQual is specifically […]