Appraisal Firewall is a secure, web-based real estate appraisal ordering solution that enables lenders to manage their own appraisal process. With Appraisal Firewall, lenders work directly with their known and trusted appraisers for quality appraisals.

Appraisal Firewall is a complete regulatory compliance solution: every appraisal delivered complies with all regulatory appraisal requirements.

Appraisal Firewall puts lenders in complete control of their real estate appraisal process. Lenders load their list of mortgage department users and their list of appraisers into the system and they are able to communicate freely as orders progress.

Appraisal Firewall was developed to meet HVCC/Dodd-Frank and CFPB guidelines, so the identity of each party in the system is withheld in what we refer to as blind communication. After the appraisal has been delivered, your team can print the Appraisal Independence Report (AIR) that comes with every order to prove there was no inappropriate communication or appraiser influence.


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Star Appraisal Management Co. is a division of Credit Information Systems. At Star Appraisal Management Co., we ensure our appraisers possess the geographic and product competence required to deliver accurate and timely appraisal reports. Our customers are loyal to us because quality and personal attention is given to every step of our operation. Star Appraisal Management Co. provides a safe harbor for your organization by establishing a firewall between loan production and the appraisal function, compliance with the Frank-Dodd Act, while keeping the appraiser free from any coercion. Our flexibility allows you to create a panel of appraisers that you know and trust, or we can assist you in finding a qualified appraiser in a less familiar market.

State AMC Registration Numbers:

Nebraska – NE2012083

Iowa – 00050

Missouri – 2014009435

South Dakota – SD-1117-2020

Kansas – KS101