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Flood Compliance Solutions From an Experienced and Trusted Industry Leader

Lenders rely on ServiceLink National Flood, a trusted and experienced industry leader, for accurate and reliable flood zone determination information. Using the most current FEMA data, advanced technology and comprehensive, nationwide GIS coverage, ServiceLink National Flood delivers highly accurate flood determination reports – with one of the fastest turn-times in the industry – to help lenders maintain compliance with ever-changing federal regulations and guidelines.

Comprehensive Suite of Flood Products and Services

ServiceLink National Flood offers lenders a full suite of flood compliance solutions, including flood certifications, custom data and delivery solutions, life-of-loan tracking, portfolio review, HMDA reporting information and more.

  • Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determination – Guaranteed flood zone determinations for the term of a loan. Life-of-Loan Flood Zone Determinations include all FEMA flood map revisions and community-participation status changes, as well as MDA data. Each flood certificate is transferable between lenders and servicers.
  • Basic Flood Determination – Guaranteed flood zone determination that includes all of the required FEMA information, including Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), flood hazard status and community- participation status details. Available for first
    and second mortgages, as well as refinances.
  • Portfolio Compliance Review – Quality control review process to guarantee that clients maintain the latest FEMA flood data within their files to help ensure lenders meet federal compliance requirements.
  • Life-of-Loan Conversion – ServiceLink National Flood can assign life-of-loan tracking performed by third-party vendors and assume responsibility for updating the entire portfolio, as well as provide a comprehensive guarantee for all loans in a portfolio.
  • CertMap® – Exclusive product offered at no additional cost. Designed for loan officers and borrowers, CertMap is provided when a structure is determined to be “in” a flood zone. CertMap incorporates high-resolution FEMA images, digital road layers, and full-color satellite and aerial images to deliver a high-quality map solution showing a subject property’s proximity to FEMA flood zones. ServiceLink National Flood is the only vendor that offers this product.
  • Secured Data – ServiceLink National Flood’s state-of-the-art data center provides the utmost security so lenders can rest assured that their data would always remain protected. We house all core applications in a tier-one Internet data facility with redundant networks, predictive monitoring, multiple power grids, backup generators and 24/7 multi-layered security. In addition, ServiceLink National Flood’s business continuity program, which includes multiple hot sites, mobile recovery, and regular testing cycles, is one of the most extensive in the industry.