CreditXpert helps you and your applicant understand credit scores and how to improve them.  Our Rescore Program with proper documentation, implements those changes at the bureau level typically within 2-3 business days.

Why do a Rescore? 

  • Update account balance or paid in full status
  • Update the status of an account
  • Update an account to show it included in a bankruptcy
  • Borrower is being reported as Deceased in error

How does it work? 

1. The consumer contacts the creditor regarding their dispute and obtains documentation of how the account or public record should be reported. The consumer provides the documentation to the lender.

2. The lender completes the “Request for Rescore” form providing the following information for each trade line:

  • Trade Line Creditor Name
  • Complete Account Number
  • Phone Number to Trade Line
  • Which Bureau(s) to Update
  • Reason for the Update

3. Fax the “Request for Rescore” form and the documentation along with the consumer’s authorization to Credit Information Systems at: 1-712-322-9175 or 1-800-795-0785.

4. Credit Information Systems will re-verify the documentation and forward the verification to the requested Bureau(s).

5. The Bureau(s) process the update(s) manually. This generally takes 72 hours.

6. When the Rescore is completed – Credit Information Systems will re-access the requested Bureau(s) unless otherwise noted.

7. Credit Information Systems will notify the lender of the rescore charge and that the file can be re-issued.