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Cost-efficient? Yes – our software works seamlessly with your software. 

We make the process of pulling a credit report* easy so you can get back to your applicants quickly.

Here’s how:

  • Effortlessly blends with most Loan Origination Systems, Point of Sale Applications, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac.
  • Efficiently modernized through a secure, web-based platform hosted by SharperLending LLC.
  • Access to one, two or all three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • Simplified, easy-to-read format.

Whether the Credit Report is a 3-Bureau Merged, Cascading, Mortgage Only, Trended Data, or Non-Trended Data, Credit Information Systems offers the ability to assess applicants for mortgage and second mortgage loans, agricultural and commercial loans, auto and other installment loan products, or lines of credit. We can even help you with tenant and employment screening.

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*Credit Information Systems provides credit reports to clients who have met repository end user requirements and have a permissible purpose under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Please click here to download a Credit Reports PDF.  Credit Reports

A cost-effective way to test the waters – for you and your customers.

How it works:

  • It gives lenders an advantage, allowing lenders access to a soft pull for pre-qualification of an applicant.
  • A one, two or three bureau pull of a credit report with a score making it less expensive than traditional mortgage credit reports.
  • Lenders get the credit and scoring information they need to pre-qualify an applicant without affecting the applicant’s credit score.
  • Standard application disclosures do not apply since this is not an application for a loan.

For a lender who wants to forgo the expense of a tri-merge credit report before knowing what the potential borrower’s credit looks like AND for potential applicants who aren’t sure if they will qualify for a mortgage loan, our Pre-Qualification / Soft Pulls are another tool to make your job easier.

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Click here to download a  Pre-Qual / Soft Pull PDF.  Pre-Qual

Reducing risk is key to any loan process and a third-party Public Record Search is an ideal way to access judgment and tax lien information that is no longer included on Credit Reports alone.

Here's why:

  • Credit Reports no longer include judgments and tax liens so your risk is elevated without this data.
  • Without a Public Record Search lenders could miss a judgment or tax lien that has been filed against an applicant.
  • Data from a Public Record Search – bankruptcy filings, tax liens, judgments – help to ensure quality loans and minimize buy backs.

Still not convinced? Consider this – A recent review of 50,000 Credit Reports that were supplemented with a Public Record Search showed:

  • 7% had at least one OPEN judgment and/or tax lien.
  • 14% had at least one open OR closed judgment and/or tax lien.
  • 3% that had an at least one OPEN judgment or tax lien had a score of 640 or higher.

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Click here to download a  Public Record Search PDF.  Public Record Search

CLOSE MORE LOANS when you use Credit Information System’s secure online platform to access CreditXpert's various products – analyze the applicant’s credit and identify opportunities to improve their scores.

CreditXpert’s predictive analytics engine analyzes millions of initial credit scores each year and generates action plans for mortgage lenders and potential applicants at the time credit is pulled, or even with a prequal/soft pull.  By following this detailed and highly accurate action plan, the potential loan applicants can address and focus on actions most likely to help them realize their credit score potential.  You can even use these tools when prequalifying an applicant, too!

CreditXpert® Credit Assure™

With this easy-to-read summary on the front of the credit report, you'll immediately see if your applicants may qualify for better rates and terms.  Use Credit Assure as a quick guide to help applicants maximize their credit score. 

Here's how:

  • Automatically scans credit files to simulate an increase in credit scores based upon the applicant’s credit data.
  • Identifies possible score-increase opportunities, i.e., pay down balances, open new accounts, and possible deletion of authorized user or invalid collection accounts, etc.
  • Offers a quick view cover page on the Credit Report and automatically presents findings on most files.

CreditXpert® Wayfinder™

You don't need to be an Xpert on all things credit to show applicants you're positioning them to get the best rates and terms, while you're closing more loans.  Use the CreditXpert tool, Wayfinder, to provide applicants with a custom plan of action to achieve their target scores, often helping them to improve their credit scores by an average of 27 points.

Here's how:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • Closes more loans by helping applicants get their best credit score.
  • Just tell Wayfinder how many FICO points are needed and/or how much money the applicant has available. Then, Wayfinder tests thousands of scenarios, returning a report if the point goal is or is not obtainable. If it is obtainable, the reporting includes details of how to reach the goal, which could include requesting our rescore services.

CreditXpert® What-If Simulator™

CreditXpert's 20 years of analyzing more than 750M FICO credit scores and records makes it easy for lenders to run endless scenarios and produce detailed plans for improving their applicant's score.  The What-If Simulator is used to predict results, develop these plans, and make informed decisions for your applicant.

Here's how:

  • CreditXpert’s What-if-Simulator tool allows the lender to simulate changes to the credit report data and/or project how time would impact these changes so the applicant may achieve the desired score.
  • Once the applicant has taken the recommended actions to improve their FICO credit score, our rescore services may help expedite the loan process.

When an applicant’s Credit Score puts their dream home just out of reach, CreditXpert provides solutions to help you make their dream come true. In fact, 908,000 applicants were helped by CreditXpert in 2021, up 56% since 2019. 

Contact us today to learn more about how CreditXpert can help you help your applicants and CLOSE MORE LOANS.  We can even schedule a demo for you and your team!

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Click here to download a CreditXpert PDF.  CreditXpert

It’s all about risk reduction and we have the solutions to help.

Each of the repositories (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) offer a wide variety of fraud products to help detect and mitigate fraud during the account lifecycle.

For more information, please call us today. We can evaluate your needs and determine what fraud products provide you with the best solutions.

Questions? You’re our priority – call us at 800-782-9094 for answers.
We’re here to help, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.
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Click here to download a Fraud Detection PDF.  Fraud Detection

When it comes to active military members, accuracy counts.

Here's why:

  • Military Lending Act compliance requires verification of member’s military status and protects active-duty military members, spouses and dependents in regards to certain lending practices.
  • The applicant’s name is scrubbed against military databases to determine if the applicant is an active military member.
  • This applies to banks and credit unions.

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Click here to download a MLA PDF.  MLA

We can help you meet the legal obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Risk-Based Pricing Rule.

Here's how:

  • For companies that use applicant’s credit reports to make credit decisions, we provide the appropriate notice as an attachment to the credit report at no cost.
  • For a fee, we can provide to the applicant a copy of the Risk-Based Pricing notice, along with proper tracking for audit purposes.

We help you manage the process and ensure all legal obligations are met. If requested, these disclosures can be automatically sent to the applicant/customer on your behalf.

Questions? You’re our priority – call us at 800-782-9094 for answers.
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Click here to download a Risk-Based Pricing Disclosures PDF.  Risk-Based Pricing Disclosures

The right prospects at the right time – timing is everything with pre-approved offers.

Here's why:

  • Maximize profitability and your marketing dollars by sending preapproved offers to prospects who meet your credit risk tolerance. That translates into potential customers with the greatest propensity to buy.
  • These lists of prospects are based upon a client's criteria for marketing efforts and must include a firm offer of credit.
  • Creates a specific audience for your targeted offer, with clean, updated data that is not limited to one repository.

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Click here to download a Marketing/Pre-Screening Lists PDF.  Website_Marketing Pre-Screening Lists_01072022

ReadyQual is a prequalification tool to turn consumers into borrowers faster, moving applicants quickly through the process! 

Here’s how:

  • Lenders qualify more borrowers across demographics with the help of soft inquiry credit reports and without the need for TRID disclosures (posts to Experian as a soft inquiry). 
  • As a prequalification tool, ReadyQual only requires name and address, so it moves potential applicants quickly through the process.  It then feeds instantly-prequalified consumers into full loan applications.  Loan Officers instantly receive a text with the applicant's information.  And,  LOs can also include a customized message to applicants. 
  • With a customized web link, this easy, online software application allows lenders to present their products and services directly to borrowers on their own website.
  • And using these customized web links, Loan Officers can even promote their sales efforts further by putting the link to their ReadyQual page on local business web sites such as car dealerships, home improvement centers, realtors, and more.

Questions? You’re our priority – call us at 800-782-9094 for answers.
We’re here to help, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CST.
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Click here to download a ReadyQual PDF.  Website_ReadyQual

Click here to walk through a short demo of the ReadyQual tool to learn how you can prequalify consumers.

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Joe has been delivering credit reporting and verification services nationally for over 30 years.

He believes in building relationships with lenders for the goal of making the process of home ownership a reality.

Active in Rotary and Knights of Columbus, Joe also enjoys golfing, cycling and spending time with family and friends.

As Chief Compliance Officer, Jackie brings 22 years of consumer reporting experience to Credit Information Systems and to our clients. Jackie has been a frequent speaker and trainer throughout the industry. In addition to having worked in CRA Reseller compliance, she has also spent years originating residential mortgages for various national mortgage companies and operated All in Compliance, an industry compliance consulting firm. While managing “AIC”, Jackie wrote and marketed a consumer reporting compliance certification program designed to educate and offer certification for industry professionals. Jackie earned a BS in Marketing from Quinnipiac University. When not working she loves to spend time with her family and enjoys a great love for all animals, big and small.

Mike Osbourne, Senior Account Manager

For Mike Osbourne, his 28-year career in the credit reporting industry began October 1990 in a sales role for CSC Credit Services. As an Account Manager for CSC, Mike opened a brand-new sales territory in Western Iowa and developed new and existing accounts in Eastern Nebraska. CSC was acquired by Equifax and Mike continued to work successfully at various sales roles within the new organization for his midwestern clients. Mike joined Credit Information Systems as a Senior Account Manager April 2021.

Mike has a passion for the financial services industry both personally and professionally. Mike has served on several credit industry boards and continues to facilitate financial literacy though Financial Peace University.

Mike grew up in Northwestern Illinois and received his Management degree from Millikin University in 1985. He moved to the Omaha in 1987. Eventually, he went on to earn his MBA from the University of Phoenix. Mike is excited to now be part of the customer-focused sales team at Credit Information Systems.

Amy Blubaugh, Marketing Director

Over the last thirty years, Amy Blubaugh has been honing her marketing skills while gathering experience and learning from each of her diverse career opportunities and co-workers.

As a college student studying communications and public relations in the early 1990s, Amy worked as a research phone representative at a radio station. It was with this job, and through several other tasks assigned at the station, Amy noticed she was drawn to events and messages generating a response.

Upon college graduation from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 1993, Amy accepted a Sales Assistant position for KEZO-FM (later, Journal Broadcast Group). Eager to support the sales team with communication to clients and office management, she was also excited to help with station events and programming needs. Her dedication and the talents she observed from her co-workers helped her learn to listen to the customer’s needs and create turnkey marketing programs.

In early 1995, Amy moved on to Redstone Communications as a Media Buyer. Broadening her media knowledge, she was invigorated by people with the same goal of garnering a response by delivering the right message to the right customer via the right mix of media.

After a short return to radio, Amy found herself taking her marketing knowhow to the finance industry as a Product Manager for First National Bank Omaha’s bank card division. Working for eight years with direct mail, event marketing, operations and emerging forms of electronic media was a great way to learn to project profitability, measure response and properly analyze results.

As both the Partnership Marketing Manager and Acquisition Manager for Omaha Steaks, Amy spent the next ten years working with various companies throughout the country developing marketing programs to sell product, acquire new customers, and generate leads and awareness of the business. It was with this position Amy was able to improve both her marketing analyst and creative abilities, producing reports to track real time results and make tweaks to print and digital ads to improve marketing efforts.

Amy began her four years at Mutual of Omaha in late 2015 managing product launches, applying process to all areas of marketing, testing print and online campaigns and maneuvering marketing projects in a very regulated industry.

Excited to be the first marketing-focused member of the Credit Information Systems team and work within the business-to-business area, Amy joined as Marketing Director in December of 2019.

Shane Hoelscher, Senior Account Manager

Shane Hoelscher received his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics in 1991 from Texas A&M University. He followed that up with a Master of Agriculture in Agricultural Economics – Agribusiness emphasis in 1994. Shortly thereafter he entered a management training program with Terminix Pest Control engaging in all aspects of the professional environment.

Shane began his 23-plus year career in the credit industry after leaving Terminix to join CSC Credit Services as an Account Manager. He managed the relationships and was responsible for revenue-growth with various resellers in the auto, mortgage, tenant, and employment screening industries. In addition to his account management role, Shane was also a member of a new business development team and eventually led a trio of representatives engaged selling credit reporting services to all types of industries.

Shane continued with Equifax as a Channel Manager after they acquired CSC Credit Services in 2012. His primary focus was on the small-to-mid-sized resellers of Equifax products and services before he separated from Equifax in 2020.

Shane joined Credit Information Systems in April, 2020 as a Senior Account Manager and is looking forward to continued growth for the company.

Chad Hartnett, Chief Financial Officer

Chad has over 29 years of finance leadership experience in industries that include professional services, vertically integrated supply chain, franchise and public accounting.

After graduating in 1992 from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in Accounting, Chad spent 6 years in public accounting as a consultant and auditor with companies that included Deloitte & Touche and Ernst & Young.

Chad then worked 16 years at HDR, Inc., one of the country’s largest engineering and architecture firms, in various roles including leading the company’s mergers and acquisitions division. He spent his final 7 years as the company’s Treasurer and Corporate Controller.

Chad then worked for 4 years as the Chief Financial Officer of Scooter’s, one of the fastest growing vertically integrated franchise companies in the country before joining Credit Information Systems in 2020 as their Chief Financial Officer and member of the board of directors.

Helen M. Meyers, Executive Vice President

With a Credit Reporting career spanning more than forty years, Helen Meyers started at Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs (1975-1979) learning the business and providing service to customers by reading their credit reports to them over the phone, verifying tradelines and gaining certification to interview consumers during a time when consumer files were handwritten.

In 1980, Helen accepted a customer service position in the installment loan department of Council Bluffs Savings Bank. Before she left the bank in 1995, she had worked her way up to Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer.

Returning to the Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs (d/b/a Credit Information Systems) in 1996, Helen has spent the last twenty-five years overseeing all mortgage loan customer service staff members, ensuring happy clients and a smooth flow of the company’s day-to-day operations. She also manages compliance with the Repositories as well as with state and federal laws.

Helen also served on the board of the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA) from 2018–2020.

Lee H. Volmer, Vice President Sales

In 1979, Lee Volmer’s Credit Reporting industry career launched with the Credit Bureau of Rockford, Illinois, where he was involved in automation to the Chilton System. After the Credit Bureau was purchased by Parker Business Systems, Lee was promoted to General Manager and led the Bureau’s conversion to the TransUnion System.

Lee was transferred to Seattle, Washington in 1982 to automate and market Washington and Oregon as an affiliate of the TransUnion System. Parker Business sold the franchise to TransUnion in 1985 and Lee took on the role as sales manager of Chilton’s Dallas, Texas operation. Promoted to General Manager of Chilton’s Omaha, Nebraska location in 1986, Lee’s duties included management of a 5-state area. Lee left TRW (formerly Chilton) in 1994 and worked with CSC Credit on special projects.

The Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs added Lee to the team as Vice President of Sales in 1995, a position he currently holds along with being a trusted resource to many in the credit reporting industry.

Heather Russell-Schroeder, President

Heather Russell-Schroeder began her 35 plus year career in the Credit Reporting industry as a high school and college student working part-time answering phones, entering data, handling consumer disputes and public record bulletins for her family’s business, Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs.

After graduating from the University of Nebraska Lincoln with a Master of Arts Degree in Deaf Education in 1997, Heather spent two years teaching 1st grade at Crete Elementary and managing their Deaf Education program.

Heather returned to the Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs in 2000 as Compliance Officer – Executive Vice President, holding that position for eight years.

Heather has been the Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs, President and the President of Performance Data Systems, Inc since 2008. Beginning in 2009, Heather was the Co-Owner Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs, Inc and Performance Data Systems, Inc.

Currently, Heather is the third generation Owner Credit Bureau of Council Bluffs, Inc and Performance Data Systems, Inc.