Update Regarding COVID-19

Credit Information Systems is committed to the health and welfare of our clients and our employees.

With the current status of COVID-19, we have made efforts in the workplace to limit the risk from the virus.

Credit Information Systems has stepped up communication with workers about ways to avoid getting sick or transmitting the virus. We’re encouraging team members to stay home if sick and travel is limited to business critical.

However, if a quarantined event were to occur, and our employees affected, we have a contingency plan to ensure continuity of service to our clients. Part of that plan is to allow employees to telecommute/work remotely from home during the critical period. And, we will provide up-to-the-moment guidance and information so our employees can keep themselves and their families safe.

Finally, Credit Information Systems will use the most current information to make decisions and use common sense in how they are executed.

Be safe, stay healthy and thank you for your continued business.

Heather Russell-Schroeder
Credit Information Systems

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Credit Information Systems provides a range of property assessment solutions assisting lenders with their due diligence and compliance . As a full-service Appraisal Management Company (AMC), we offer complete valuation service management and compliance for our lenders.

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Fraud prevention, background verification, confirming employment and identity security are only a few of the risk areas for today's lender. Credit Information Systems offers solutions for these ever-increasing challenges.

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